Spring 2018


Silent Weekend (Soccer)


Please pass the following info about Silent Soccer on to your parents. We need everyone to participate if this is going to work!

This was voted on by the league commissioners and passed, it is therefore the coaches responsibility to uphold the spirit of this event or be conducting themselves in a unsportsmanlike manner if they are willfully working to undermine it.

Silent Sunday began 18 years ago in the Northern Ohio Soccer League. Coaches and spectators were asked to stay silent so players could experience one day of soccer free from interference.

The result was so positive that league has continued the tradition every season since, and for the Anne Arundel Youth Soccer Association is doing it again.

Silent Soccer was approved for fall season for Friday 10/13 & Saturday 10/14. This season it will be mandatory, and we will continue discussions about  adding it to AAYSA rules as a permanent event each season during the sixth set of games.

Goals of Silent Soccer:

- Foster independent thinking by players.

- Encourage communication between players.

- Support referees by reducing dissension.

- Give coaches a chance to see that players can survive - or even thrive - without constant guidance.

- Give parents a chance to see that players can thrive without constant encouragement.



- Please refrain from coaching players on the field - give your players a chance to solve problems as individuals and as a team.

- Offer instruction to players on the bench when necessary.

- Communicate to the field through substitutions.



- Please sit back, relax and enjoy watching your child play this fun game.

- Feel free to applaud when appropriate, but otherwise refrain from making comments (positive or negative).



- Have fun and remember, you will need your brain as much as your feet this weekend!